Buddy Media and the Salesforce Marketing Cloud

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When it comes to social media marketing, interactive content that catches the target audiences' imagination is the game changer. Buddy Media's social marketing suite offers a secure and scalable architecture that allow brand marketers to create and manage such content.

With the combination of Buddy Media and Radian6, salesforce.com will have the most powerful marketing cloud that will allow customers to listen, engage, gain insight, publish, advertise and measure social marketing programs. Ultimately, we believe the Salesforce Marketing Cloud will empower marketers to simplify their lives by consolidating many point solutions and adopting a unified social marketing suite that is fully integrated with the world’s leading cloud sales and customer service products. Michael Lazerow on the Salesforce Acquisition of Buddy Media.

The tools on offer are:

  • ProfileBuddy an easy drag and drop interface to create customized interactive content
  • ReachBuddy to deploy content across the social media space easily
  • ConversationBuddy to create and publish tweets or turn normal conversation into tweets
  • BuyBuddy to create, monitor, optimize and measure Facebook advertising campaigns
  • ConversionBuddy which allows consumers to share content and product information across the social media space.

Buddy Media enriches these tools with a dynamic dashboard and powerful analytics. The dashboards, customizable with a library of drag-and-drop widgets, allow comparison of key marketing metrics and provides control to the campaign and activity.

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The analytics aggregate data from various sources to provide comprehensive and actionable data. It provides insights such as the best time of the day to engage fans, the marketing reach, and how performance of specific interventions stack up against goals.

buddy media analytics 2

Of special note is a proprietary C-Rank or Connections Rank, a numerical score between 0 and 100, which is an indicator of the brand's engagement across social networks vis-à-vis industry or vertical competitors.

Savvy marketers can leverage Buddy media's scalable, secure architecture enriched with data-driven insights for a host of possibilities. Apart from the obvious utility of uploading and managing social content, these tools allow increasing fans or followers at a local or global scale, starting and managing conversations across the social sphere, measuring the ROI, and impact on different marketing interventions.

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