How to Build and Track Your Instagram Promotion or Campaign

how to promote with instagram

We’re preparing for our second annual Music + Technology Festival and Instagram is one of the places we’re promoting the event. I don’t believe we do as good a job on Instagram as we could be doing, though, so I was glad to see the folks at ShortStack publish this infographic on how to build and measure the response of your Instagram Promotions or Campaigns.

While brands have started using Instagram the challenge has been that brands use their Instagram profiles to promote a variety of content, but they’re only given one live link to work with. The limitation means most brands update the URL in their bio periodically — sometimes every day. This infographic provides a solution.

With ShortStack, brands are able to create Instagram Campaigns that can host all sorts of content including forms, videos and more. Instead of directing Instagram users to a URL that serves one purpose, make the one link allowed in your Instagram bio really count by directing them to a dynamic Instagram campaign.

The campaigns have several advantages – including easy to embed tracking links, measurable results, mobile optimization, scheduling, no maintenance and simplicity with ShortStack’s campaign builder.

How to Use ShortStack to Run an Instagram Campaign

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