A Unique Business Card… er Chip

business card

This afternoon, I had a great meeting with our business consultant Harry Howe and our business insurance agent, Joe Glaser. It was a great meeting because Joe and Harry are masters at dialing down all the nuances of risk and insurance into a concise meeting where they basically tell me what I should do and I trust them to get it done.

We carry insurance for a number of reasons… whether it’s equipment theft or damage, getting sued, travel insurance, life insurance, etc. In fact, some of the enterprise clients we have required that we hold a minimum amount of business insurance to protect both their company and ours. A small business our size could easily get buried in one fatal swoop if we didn’t have the insurance… so we avoid the risk and pay the bill each year.

I’m a huge fan of unique business cards and Joe pulled out his company’s latest and greatest that I thought was truly unique and worth mentioning. It’s a genuine poker chip with the company details on one side and Joe’s contact information on the other side. A poker chip… for an insurance agent… priceless!

Business Card Chip

PS: If you’re an Indiana-based company and need solid advice, I’d highly recommend Joe Glaser and the Thompson Group. Give him a call at 317.514.7520.

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