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We’ve been working the last few months on getting some video equipment for DK New Media. While we have incredible video companies that we have do the hefty lifting, from time to time, we’re finding that we want to record and mix video as well – and we want it to look professional. Our graphic designer is also well-versed at mixing video and audio so we went to work on finding some basic equipment to start.

Keep in mind that we’re not starting a professional video agency, we’re just learning and don’t want to break the bank in starting up. We want great equipment, but don’t need the best. We also don’t want crappy equipment. We also consulted with the video team at ExactTarget, who release video on a regular basis.

The basic video equipment list consists of the DSLR camera, lavalier microphones, a multi-track recorder and lighting. You could add a green screen if you’d like, but we’re not planning to do any green screen. Here’s a video from DSLRHD that provides some insight into selecting the right microphones and recorder – a key to recording great video.

Video Equipment for Your Business

Here’s a breakdown of the list of equipment and approximate prices:

  • CameraCanon EOS Rebel T3 12.2 MP CMOS Digital SLR Camera with EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II Zoom Lens & EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 III Telephoto Zoom Lens + 10pc Bundle 16GB Deluxe Accessory Kit. The telephoto zoom was recommended so that you can get some very good depth in your picture with a lot of focus on the person and faded background. You can buy more expensive cameras that have far more features… but this is the basic kit we needed to start. Cost is about $550.
  • MicrophonesSennheiser EW 112P G3-A omni-directional EW system. By far, this was where most of the attention was with our videographers and they warned us not to skimp. The Sennheisers are durable – very necessary as they’re unpackaged, put on people and removed from people every time you’re recording. As well, the general consensus was that they’re amazingly resilient to background feedback and noise. Cost for each is $630! Ouch.
  • RecorderZoom H2n Handy Handheld Digital Multitrack Recorder Bundle. This also has a very good set of built-in stereo microphones in the event you need them. Cost is $200.
  • LightingCowboyStudio 2275 Watt Digital Video Continuous Softbox Lighting Kit/Boom Set. While LED lighting provide much more granularity and don’t take up as much space, they’re incredibly expensive (about $1,600). This cowboy studio kit has to be well-taken care of but will provide the lighting you need to get good videos off the ground. You may want to watch some videos on placement! Cost is $220

Please keep in mind that I’m not writing this as a professional videographer. We may upgrade our equipment later… the LED lighting is probably the first upgrade and, as our designer masters the DSLR… probably the camera.

Once again, our goal here isn’t to buy the best… it’s to buy starter equipment that can help us produce professional videos without breaking the bank. This entire setup is about $1,600 (not including taxes and shipping).

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