3 Steps to Starting a Business Video Marketing Campaign

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Video marketing is in full force and marketers who leverage the platform will reap the rewards. From ranking on Youtube and Google to finding your targeted prospects through Facebook video ads, video content rises to the top of the newsfeed faster than a marshmallow in cocoa.

So how do you leverage this popular but complicated medium?

What’s the first step in creating video content that’s engaging to your audience?

At Videospot, we’ve been producing and marketing video for entrepreneurs, businesses, and brands since 2011. I’ve personally worked on live stream and video campaigns for top business coaches and a few huge names in social media marketing.

We know what works, and we have the metrics to prove it.

Henry Ford revolutionized industry when he introduced an assembly line for automobile production. That’s the same approach we take with video: where each successive action step moves you closer to a successful video product. The first step in that process is content development.

Start with a Programming Strategy

Even before buying an expensive camera with a selfie stick, marketers must first build a framework (titles and topics) around which your first video campaign will be structured. We call this your programming strategy.

We use a 3-tiered approach to developing a programming strategy that will accomplish three major business objectives for you:

  1. Position your videos on page one of search results.
  2. Establish your point-of-view as an authoritative voice.
  3. Drive traffic to your landing page or conversion event.

While each video should have a primary objective, the P3 Content Strategy will not only assist you in creating video titles that will attract your primary viewer but following this format will also help you to structure the content of your videos so that you’re leading your viewers to take appropriate action.

The P3 Content Strategy

  • Pull Content (Hygiene): This is content that pulls your viewer in. These videos should answer questions that your audience is asking on a daily basis. These videos can define terms or theories as well. Generally speaking, this is your evergreen content.
  • Push Content (Hub): These are videos that focus more on your brand and your personality. In this way, your channel works like a vlogging channel where YOU decide on what the viewer will see or hear. In other words, you control the agenda, and your channel becomes a “hub” for content related to your industry.
  • Pow Content (Hero): These are your bigger budget videos. They ought to be produced less often and function well when coupled with major events or Holidays that your industry celebrates. For example, if you’ve got a channel for Women, then producing a bigger video for Mother’s Day could serve you well. If you create videos for athletes or the sports industry, the Super Bowl might be an occasion to produce a higher end video.

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