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Realizing I have a lot of exposure through my blog, I’d like to throw out a great deal to anyone who may be purchasing domains or simply wants a great domain to do something with.

It’s 8 characters long, no hyphenation, and could be used for thousands of different uses. It also gets a ton of hits already. I’ve had it sitting with Sedo because I really don’t have any other options – but Sedo isn’t getting any attention from search engines anymore so I’m going to start selling off the domains I’m not using. Unfortunately, I’ve already got too many side projects going on, otherwise I would do something with it.

$1,000 USD

I’ve had the price of the domain much higher and have gotten offers beyond this price in the past. The timing is just right for me to sell it right now.

You can simply click through to and you can purchase the domain right there.


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    Wow! This is a great name for anyone wanting to do a site based on Navy Vets but you already knew that 😉

    Have you checked with the U.S. Navy Veterans Association? I’m sure they would be very interested in this domain.

    Good luck with your sale.

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    I’d say that’s a very good price for someone serious about putting together a website under that topic. Short, memorable name!

    I’ve found it hit-or-miss when it comes to selling domain names. If the market is right, you can get top dollar. But, sometimes, your sales or auctions just seem to get ignored.

    I’m a regular reader of your blog, so I hope you don’t mind me latching on to this post with a link to some domain names I’m trying to part with. I’ve promised my wife I’ll seek professional help if I don’t lighten my portfolio of domain names (I’m borderline addicted to buying them). If not, feel free to moderate this comment and I’ll understand.

    My list of domain names

    Good luck with the sale!

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