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On Monday, I had the opportunity to tour Interactions, listen and observe their system in action, and use a full demonstration of Hey Otto – a voice and web conferencing system that utilizes Interactions technology on the back end.

Companies who have large call centers go down two different roads, either automated speech recognition (ASR) systems or by employing large expensive rooms of call center attendants. The typical call to an IVR is frustrating, and the wait time for an attendant is usually ridiculous. My personal pet peeve is when I call in to a system, it requires me to dial in my account number, and then a customer support representative (CSR) asks me to repeat it when I finally get them on the phone.


Interactions is a hybrid system that is amazingly effective. If the ASR can not understand the response, it's then routed to Intent Analysts. These are professionals that manage several accounts who capture the utterance that the system could not recognize. The end result is a brilliantly fast experience for the customer! Rather than having you repeat 3 times and then failing over to put you on hold… the Intent Analysts listen to your message and direct it accordingly.

I can't go into details, but the routing and management system for the Intent Analysts will blow your mind. It's efficient, has confirmation checks, as well as rewards speedy response times. Call centers can work with a fraction of the resources and process exponentially more calls… while ensuring both accuracy and improved customer satisfaction. Click through if you don't see the Hey Otto video.


Hey Otto is a voice, web and iPhone integrated application with Interactions powering it. Take a look at the video for some of the advanced options in Hey Otto, like having Otto call out to an attendee or moving your conference call from one phone to another – without the attendees ever realizing it!


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    I don’t think that amazing does justice to interactions system. Interactions is a quantum leap forward in call center technology and blending human & technology processes. Any company with a large call center should explore using this system.


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    I’ve had some exposure to Interactions technology before (HotBox pizza totally freaked me out the first time I used it), but conferencing seems like an awesome application of the amazing user experience. No UI like the human voice!

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    I’ve had some exposure to the Interactions system before, HotBox pizza totally freaked me out the first time I used it, but conferencing seems like an awesome application for the amazing user experience. I will use.

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