Can I blog about bread?

Brownberry 12 Grain Bread

I haven't lost my mind.

Really, I haven't.

For weeks, perhaps months, I've been thinking about blogging about bread. It's not just any bread… it's the most amazing bread that I think that I've ever eaten. I'm not kidding. In the supermarket where there are 300 types of loafs out on the shelves, this bread doesn't stand out.

It's Brownberry 12 Grain.

A special blend of 12 grains baked into a delicious bread with the benefits of whole grains and no trans fats. – from the web site

That doesn't even come close to describing it. It's soft… but with great little bits and chunks of grains in it. It's not so soft that it tears or sticks or anything, though. Toast it with a little bit of butter and it's fantastic. It browns ever so slightly… the outside crusty, the inside soft and delicious. Every bite has a new flavor. Mmmmm.

Sometimes I make myself a great sandwich… turkey, baby swiss, lettuce, tomato… and after I eat it I'm upset that all those other ingredients smothered the flavor of the bread.

If you find yourself looking to buy this bread, be careful! There are other “12 Grain” impostors on the shelf. They even package themselves the same… but they suck! Remember the picture, remember the name, buy the bread. Trust me.

If you're disturbed by this post, please forgive me. They aren't paying me (though I would accept some bread). I'll return to my normal content soon… but for now, I'm going to have a slice of Brownberry 12 Grain bread… toasted… with butter.


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    Hmm, On Influence and Automation – a marketing and technology blog; Post subject Brownberry 12 Grain Bread. Yep have to agree with Sean, lost your mind you did.

    On another note, though I’ve never tried that specific bread, part of the reason is I have a bread machine, and actually use it. I make a mean honey oatmeal bread using steelcut oats, also great and various pizza crusts.

    Oh bugger, I forgot to change the addition, and now it’s not seeming to let me post this comment, as it’s telling me I’ve already posted it.

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    …hmm, have you ever tried fresh, hand-baked bread from a small bakery in southern Germany?
    Or a fresh, warm baguette in a tiny french village?
    You would never touch a plastic-wrapped, industrialized bread again.

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    LOL….I find this amusing. I’m on the net trying to find a decent recipe for 12 grain bread. I’ve not been able to find a great one here in Nebraska. After visiting Canada a week ago and trying Dempster’s 12 grain bread…we feel madly in love with it. So….if anyone does find a recipe, please let me know. Thanks! Nina

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    Brownberry 12 Grain bread – If you look at just about any bread package today, every brand features, the U.S. Department of Agriculture?s Food Guide Pyramid.

    What the packages fail to mention is that some bread is better for you than others. Nor do they explain that those six to eleven recommended servings are tiny: just 1/2-cup of pasta or rice or one modest slice of bread. You would use up four servings on just one bagel from Dunkin? Donuts.

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    “ powered by WordPress and Brownberry 12 Grain bread” 😀

    That would rock, indeed 🙂

    Doug, you can write about anything, including bread (not that I can buy this specific kind from where I live;-) …I enjoyed this post…

    Keep up the good writing! 🙂

    (First time visiting your blog)

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