Bravo: Capture Video Testimonials Online

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Many sites would benefit from video testimonials or putting up a page where customers could record a video message for the company. However, capturing, uploading and hosting those videos can be quite a pain. Bravo hopes to change that with their new service, allowing your customers to record via their webcam and host it on a custom landing page just for you!

Here’s an overview of the service:

Here’s the service described by the Bravo site:

  1. We create your very own video landing page – Our user-friendly Video Portal features your brand and lets your audience know what you’d like them to say.
  2. Your audience records their 30-second videos – Your customers or prospects can instantly record their messages, comments or questions in seconds using their own webcam.
  3. View and share your videos anywhere on the web – Spread your new influence on your website or via social media. Bravo allows you to start humanizing your web, 30 seconds at a time.


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