Cardlytics: Bank Card-Linked Marketing


Your ability to target consumers based on geography and purchase history is continuing to improve. Financial institutions can now open the gateway to rewards, loyalty programs and offers directly purchased using your bank card. Card-Linked Marketing (CLM) is when marketers reach consumers directly through their online bank statements. In fact, Bank of America is already using Cardlytics to power BankAmeriDeals.

For Advertisers, Cardlytics delivers targeting at scale, pay-for-performance pricing and precise measurement

  • Target customers based on their behavior: location, frequency, total spend.
  • Craft a campaign customized to a specific group of customers.
  • Customer Measurement: incremental consumer trips, sales, post-purchase behavior.
  • Advertisers pay only for results: measured incremental sales.

For Consumers, Cardlytics delivers a personalized experience that’s easy and engaging

  • Consumers see personalized ads based on past purchases.
  • Consumers select ads and rewards are instantly loaded on debit or credit card.
  • Consumers simply shop and pay with a card.
  • Consumers earn cash back credited to their account.


Online banking now accounts for 53% of banking transactions and Cardlytics drove almost $512MM in retail spending in Q2 2013!

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