Ceros: Create Beautiful Interactive Content without Development


As much as WordPress owns the content management system market, it still requires a solid infrastructure, ongoing maintenance, and a great development team to build a theme or plugin that makes it work for you. I'm not trying to downplay it's incredible flexibility, but the chances of a business user signing up and building a beautiful website is going to take some work.

As well, the paradigm of the website that is composed of a menu, brochure, and blog is beginning to change as storytelling and multimedia content drives further engagement. A new crop of site strategies are popping up that provide a path to walk a visitor through a story and into a conversion rather than a complex grid where the user has to hunt and peck to find what he/she wants.

Ceros is a digital catalog and content management system that hopes to do just this. With a drag and drop, responsive interface and ecommerce integrations out of the box, it provides an agile content platform where the marketer can focus on the messaging more than fighting the technology.

Here are some core, unique features of Ceros:

  • Fully Browser and Cloud based with real-time preview and editing as well as real-time collaboration between users.
  • Built-in analytics that incorporate all baseline analytics all the way down to granular engagement KPIs.
  • Digital-First HTML5 platform – the first and and only digital-first platform
    Drag and drop interface.
  • Ecommerce integration – Pull in product panels and shopping cart with full functionality without any development.
  • Device and channel agnostic – Create one experience and it adapts to any screen size and works for any iframe dimensions.

Here's a fantastic example of the technology by Newscred, the Power of Visual Storytelling.

Check out some of the other great examples of interactive infographics, microsites and storytelling sites built on Ceros. It's a very well established platform with a growing number of major customers.

What do you think?

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