ChaCha Launches Social Affiliate Program

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There are quite a few affiliate programs that I belong to but I'm quite picky about what I promote on our blog and via social. There's an interesting dilemma when it comes to affiliate marketing, though. Most of the affiliate opportunities are based on your klout or the number of followers you have… not necessarily based on your influence and ability to convert prospects into customers.

Affiliate systems are all over the place but ChaCha just launched something of a different animal with ChaCha Affiliates. Unlike affiliate programs that drive people to advertiser ads, ChaCha is using an affiliate program to drive people to mention their content socially… then pay them based on the audience that clicks through. It's a bit of a hybrid between social and pay-per-click. The goal is, of course, to drive traffic to the site – which then converts the audience into advertising and sponsorship dollars.

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I signed up for the program in a matter of minutes and found a useful campaign that could be sent to my followers: How Not to Fail at Business Email. As a blogger and social media guy, I'm always looking for content to share that will be useful to my audience. This is a no-brainer… I find both useful content and I get paid for sharing it.

ChaCha has really ramped up some ingenuity of recent… from it's mobile applications and Iris, to reaching 2 billion questions answered and reaching profitability – I'm incredibly happy for their staff. They're hard working and always pushing the envelope. Kudos to Scott and company!


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    A pretty timely post Douglas. Caught wind of this via G+ stream. Social shares are becoming a more relevant and valued metric • these type of social models will prosper.

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    I’m currently an affiliate, and it’s really a great program. I made $60 in an hour when one of my links gained popularity on reddit. (That’s pretty rare though).

    If you want to be an affiliate AND do your good deed for the day, then please use my referral link:

    Thanks! ChaCha Forever!

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    I keep trying to sign up, but ChaCha gives me the following error, even though I’ve already checked the “agree to terms” box:

     “ERROR: You must check the “Agree to Terms” box, before you can become a Affiliate.” 

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