Change Your Search Engine in Safari on Leopard

menu-safari-searchI’ve been using Safari 4 for a week or so. It was only today that I realized that I couldn’t actually change the default search engine within Safari. Ugh!

Thankfully, there’s Glims, an application that allows you to manage your search engines in Safari. You can add, remove, edit and customize the search engines of your choice. It’s incredibly simple to install and configure.

Simply install the plugin, restart Safari, and open Safari > Preferences. On the last tab you’ll find the settings for Glims.

Bing wasn’t on the default list, but I was able to add it in a few minutes with the following path setting:


Since most content management systems come with internal search capabilities, you can also add your own site. I find myself searching my own site quite often for old posts that I’ve written. The fact is that my blog has a much better memory than I do!

Here’s my blog’s search settings (consistent across all WordPress installations):'s=


If you’re frustrated with Safari’s default search being locked in with Google, install Glims. If you really wish to cross the streams and irritate the heck out of Steve Jobs, set your default search engine to Bing. [Evil laugh]

I’m enjoying Safari’s latest release and enjoying Bing (especially the image and video search methodologies). This wraps both of them into a great package!


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    Thank you for this post, this is exactly what i wanted. Not that i want to hack Steve Jobs off, but I hate the big fat google monster and I want a choice when i use safari. thanks again.

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    unfortunately doesn't work at all in Safari 4.0.x, only choices apple gives you are Google and Yahoo

    With 3.2.3 could use any search engine you added thru Glims not any more

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      Actually, that's not the case at all. I am running Safari 4 and Glims without any issues on Leopard.Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry
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    Although this does the trick, it's complete overkill for those of us who just want to change the search engine. I'm sure Glims is a fine utility, but it puts me off slightly when I restart Safari and find it's added more features than I can count.

    I also tried Inquistor but this doesn't allow me to add Bing, just Yahoo and Google… although it gets bonus points for allowing selection of localised versions. You have no idea how frustrating it is to try and find appropriate Google results when you live in a non-US country with your default language set to something used on neither nor your localised Google.

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    im new to mac's, and i've got to say – i've fount the transition mostly fine. Having said that – not allowing users the ability to change the search engine of choice – or at the very least – even the location preference of their search engine is a huge oversight. Surely it's also an easy one to fix – without the need for people to download an add-on simply to get feature that really should have been there anyway?

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    Oversight? I'm guessing it was an agreement with Google. I agree with Nate…I'd just like something that fixes this issue–glims is serious overkill, and I can't seem to find a way to turn everything else off.

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    thankyou!!!! my comment above no longer applies. I needed to competely close the computer down and then glims was activated. nice application. alexandra.

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