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Reaching audiences where they are is one of the greatest opportunities of any digital marketing strategy. Whether you’re selling a product or service, publishing an article, syndicating a podcast, or sharing a video – placement of those objects where there’s an engaged, the relevant audience is critical to your business’ success. It’s why virtually every platform has both a user interface and a machine-readable interface.

Looking back on this year, lockdowns turned retail and ecommerce upside down. Rob Van Nuenen, CEO of Channable and e-commerce expert, provides the following perspective on the disruption:

  1. Brick and mortars opened up shop if they did not have an online presence previously.  The surprise was how fast smaller shops popped up and who the owners were – recently unemployed or underemployed sellers creating shops for in-demand products to enable them to keep a salary coming in.
  2. Online stores are diversifying the channels in which they sell – globally
  3. COVID was a wake-up call for social selling – and is now considered a necessary channel 
  4. Online channels like Google are KEY in supporting the local community by keeping buyers local

His platform, Channable, is a leading global e-commerce platform that empowers digital marketers, brands, and online retailers to overcome these challenges and opportunities.

What Is A Product Feed?

A product feed is a digital file containing a string of informative data of multiple products. Product feeds can be used to syndicate data in real-time from your ecommerce or inventory platform externally to other systems – including affiliate management, email marketing platforms, social media, ecommerce platforms, and/or ad management platforms.

what is feed management

Channable: Sell Your Products Everywhere

Channable offers an online tool for marketing agencies and online retailers to send their products or services to various marketplaces, comparison engines, and affiliate platforms. With Channable, businesses can easily filter, complete, and optimize their product information to achieve better results. The platform then sends the optimized information to any export channel of their choice (e.g. Amazon,, or Google).

Channable Feed Management Features Include

  • Easy product categorization  – A feed management tool allows you to organize your products in order to match the categories of the export channel. With Channable, you can instantly generate categories by utilizing smart categorization for some of the most popular advertising platforms. This process can significantly speed up the set up of a new feed, maximize your visibility on a channel, and increase your reach.
  • Powerful if-then-rules – Usually, you would need a developer to update your product feed. With the support of a feed management tool, easy if-then-rules allow you to ‘code’ yourself. These rules will also be applied to new products that are added to your online shop. You can precisely control the flow of products to each export channel and modify the information at the same time. A good feed management tool will provide you with instant feedback after each rule is applied to your product catalog.
  • High-quality data feeds – Exporting a high quality, perfectly healthy data feed will then increase your online visibility. In general, you need to match the ‘fields’ containing product information in your import feed to the required ‘fields’ of the desired export feed. A feed management tool knows all the feed specifications for its integrated channels and stays up-to-date with changes and updates.
  • Feeds & APIs – Manually ensuring that the exported product information, such as the stock, stays accurate can take a lot of your time. Some marketplaces offer API connections to your online shop that enable an automatic, continuous exchange of information between the two platforms. Feed management tools can import your feed data at regular intervals to ensure that your product listings and your backend information are synchronized with your export channels.

Channable currently imports from Lightspeed, Shopify, ecManager, Magento, CCVShop, Divide.NOW, WooCommerce, Mijnwebwinkel, inRiver, PrestaShop, Shopware, BigCommerce, and more. Channable offers more than 2500 price comparison websites, affiliate networks, and marketplaces to export to.

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