Chartbeat Publishing: Real-Time Web Analytics

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For sites that are publishing frequently and working to acquire traffic immediately through trending data, real-time statistics platforms like Chartbeat can help provide the insight your business needs.


Key Benefits for Chartbeat Publishers include

  • Knowing the stories that your readers dedicate their time and attention to so you can strategize your high-engagement content.
  • Seeing exactly where your audience’s attention drops, so you can adapt your content and keep your readers on your page.
  • Identifying the types of content that has proven most popular via social media shares.
  • Viewing video insights that go beyond basic play starts – see what video content is holding your viewers’ attention.
  • Measuring Engaged Time helps you track what content is most likely to build a returning audience.

Chartbeat has built a suite of products that help all of your teams understand how your audience experiences all of your content. Your teams can set, share, and measure goals, using the same quality-based metrics.