A Cheap Investment in Audio Will Increase Video Engagement

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One of the reasons why we’ve started this video series is to show how easy it is to record and publish videos to help your overall marketing strategy. Open any modern Mac or PC today and there are a built-in camera and microphone ready to record your next 1-minute video. Fire up the internal recording program and away you go! There’s one small problem, though.

The microphones that come internally are absolutely terrible. Did you know that people will stop watching a great video with terrible audio…. and watch a video with terrible quality video but good audio? Audio is a key to video engagement. And you don’t have to make a huge investment in audio equipment. I wanted to prove it by recording the following video.

We purchased a cheap lavalier microphone on Amazon… it cost $60 plus shipping and handling. You’ll hear a bit of a crackle from it and it’s a bit bassy, but compared to the internal microphone on a $1,000 Apple Thunderbolt display, it’s absolutely night and day. Be sure to watch the entire video to hear the difference.

A great starter microphone is an Audio-Technica AT2005USB Cardioid Dynamic USB/XLR Microphone and it is under $100. We use it for podcasts, video recordings and even Skype calls. It’s portable and easy to carry with you on the road.

If you really want to go all out, you can purchase a couple of Sennheiser EW122PG3-A Camera Mount Wireless Lavalier Microphone Systems and a Zoom PodTrak P4 Podcast Recorder. The only disadvantage there is if you can’t plug in the lavalier microphone to your camera, you’ll need to use the Zoom recorder and then pair up the audio and video later with your video editing software. That’s getting out of the realm of easy, though, which is counter to this series.

Disclaimer: I’m using my affiliate links throughout this article for Amazon.

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