The New Role of Chief Marketing Technology Officer

chief marketing technology officer

I’ve often loved the idea of a Chief Revenue Officer that aligned both marketing and sales into a single, cohesive department. While I believe that still has merit, the Chief Marketing Technology Officer is an interesting possibility as well. As we work with many large companies, there’s a direct correlation between the company’s inability to quickly adopt new methodologies and maintain agility and their technology department. The misalignment is between risk and reward. IT departments manage risk. Marketing departments manage reward.

This role of Chief Marketing Technology Officer was penned by Blue Kai. While I’m not sure there’s someone with the actual title out there, there’s definitely many marketing executives who wear both hats. By ensuring that a single person is responsible for both risk and reward, you’ve got someone who moves as quickly as possible while ensuring the technology is both secure and reliable.

Key to the infographic’s perspective is that marketing automation is accounting for a greater share of IT spend and is responsible for larger and larger shares of revenue. Because of this, it requires a specific resource who understands how to select marketing technology.

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    I think you’re right on the money, Douglas. We sometimes forget that the “information” part of “Information Technology” is for marketing purposes — to gain efficiencies and, ultimately to sell more products and services. The lines are blurring and we all just need to get along. 😉

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    CMTO seems to be similar to a growth hacker with broader responsibilities on branding, messaging, and management (assuming growth is the main focus of marketing). I am curious on how fast CMTO’s move and whether they make data-driven decisions. I have come across many great CMOs who claim data driven marketing but still focus on vanity metrics and don’t know their one key driver of growth.

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