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Chili Piper Event Meeting Automation

I’m trying to give you my money – why are you making it so hard?

This is a common feeling across many B2B buyers. It’s 2020 – why are we still wasting our buyers’ (and our own) time with so many antiquated processes?

Meetings should take seconds to book, not days. 

Events should be for meaningful conversations, not logistical headaches. 

Emails should get answered in minutes, not lost in your inbox. 

Every interaction along the buyer journey should be frictionless. 

But they’re not. 

Chili Piper is on a mission to make buying (and selling) a lot less painful. We look to reinvent the systems of action used by revenue teams – to automate everything you hate about meetings, events, and email – so you can spend more time taking action. 

The result is more productivity, higher conversion rates, and more closed deals. 

We currently have three product lines:

  • Chili Meetings
  • Chili Events
  • Chili Inbox

Chili Meetings

Chili Meetings provides the industry’s fastest, most comprehensive solution for automatically scheduling and routing meetings at every stage of the customer lifecycle. 

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Scenario 1: Scheduling with inbound leads

  • Problem: When a prospect requests a demo on your website they are already 60% through the buying process and ready to have an informed conversation. But the average response time is 48 hours. By then your prospect has moved on to your competitor or forgot about their problem altogether. That’s why 60% of inbound meeting requests never get booked. 
  • Solution: Concierge – an inbound scheduling tool included in Chili Meetings. Concierge is an online scheduler that easily integrates with your existing web form. Once the form is submitted, Concierge qualifies the lead, routes it to the correct sales rep, and displays a simple self-serve scheduler for your prospect to book a time – all in a matter of seconds.

Scenario 2: Personal scheduling via email 

  • Problem: Scheduling a meeting over email is a frustrating process, taking multiple back-and-forth emails to confirm a time. Adding multiple people to the equation makes it nearly impossible. At best, it takes days to book a time. At worst, your invitee gives up and the meeting never happens. 
  • Solution: Instant Booker – multi-person meetings, booked by email in one click. Instant Booker is an online scheduling extension (available on G Suite and Outlook) that reps use to book meetings quickly over email. If you need to coordinate a meeting, just grab a handful of available meeting times and embed them in an email to one or multiple people. Any recipient can click one of the suggested times and everyone gets booked. One-click and that’s it. 

Scenario 3: Scheduling lead handoff calls 

  • Problem: Scheduling handoff (aka. handover, qualification, etc.) meetings is a back-and-forth process. The typical handoff point between an SDR and AE (or AE to CSM) is a booked meeting. But lead distribution rules make it challenging for reps to book meetings quickly and require manual spreadsheets. This causes delays and no-shows, but also adds the risk of unfair lead distribution, performance issues, and poor morale. 
  • Solution: Instant Booker – book handoff meetings from anywhere in seconds. Our ‘Instant Booker’ extension integrates with Salesforce, Gmail, Outlook, Salesloft, and more, so reps can book meetings from anywhere in seconds. Leads are automatically routed to the correct owner so reps can book handoff meetings in the right calendar, every time, without having to search through spreadsheets. 

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Chili Events

With Chili Events, it’s easy for event marketers to ensure seamless pre-event meeting bookings for sales reps, accurate and automated attribution of opportunities generated at those specific events, and seamless onsite management of last-second scheduling changes and room availability.

Scenario 1: Pre-Booking Event Meetings

Book an Event with Chili Piper

  • Problem: Leading up to an event, most sales reps need to manually schedule their meetings. This means back-and-forth emails with prospects trying to coordinate calendars and meeting rooms. Altogether, this creates a ton of headaches and confusion for the rep, customer, and event manager – an important player that needs to manage meeting room capacity and know what meetings are happening, when. This whole process is usually managed in a spreadsheet.
  • Solution: With Chili Events, each rep has a unique booking link they can share with prospects prior to the event – making scheduling and room coordination a one-click process. Booked meetings are also added to the Check-In Calendar – a centralized Calendar that event managers use to track every meeting happening on the event floor.

Scenario 2: Event Meeting Reporting and ROI

Event Reporting with Chili Events by Chili Piper

  • Problem: Event Managers (also Event Marketers) struggle with tracking event meetings in Salesforce and proving event ROI. Tracking every meeting at a conference is a very manual process for event managers. They need to be chasing down sales reps, managing multiple calendars, and keeping track of everything in a spreadsheet. There’s also the manual processes of adding each meeting to the event campaign in Salesforce which takes time. But it’s all necessary in order to prove ROI. 
  • Solution: Chili Events integrates seamlessly with Salesforce, so every booked meeting is automatically tracked under the event campaign. Our Check-in Calendar also makes it easy for event managers to track no-shows and update meeting attendance in Salesforce. This makes it far easier to report on event ROI and put their focus on running a great event.  

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Chili Inbox (currently in private beta)

For revenue teams that use email to communicate with prospects and customers, Chili Piper Inbox provides a simple, efficient, and integrated way for teams to work together by collaborating more, having visibility into customer data, and providing a frictionless customer experience.

Scenario 1: Internal collaboration around emails

Chili Inbox Comments by Chili Piper

  • Problem: Internal emailing is messy, confusing, and difficult to manage. Emails get lost, you have to sift through hundreds of CCs/Forwards, and you end up discussing it offline or in chat where nothing is in context and nothing gets documented.
  • Solution: Inbox Comments – a collaborative email feature within Chili Inbox. Similar to the way you collaborate in Google Docs, our Inbox Comments feature lets you highlight text and start conversations with your team members right in your inbox. This makes it easy to loop team members in for feedback, help, approval, coaching, and more. 

Scenario 2: Searching for account insights

Searching for an Account with Chili Piper

  • Problem: To really know what happened with an account before you inherited it takes hours of tedious work searching through Salesforce activities, reviewing activities in a Sales Engagement tool, or sifting through CCs / Forwards in your inbox.
  • Solution: Account Intelligence – an email intelligence feature inside Chili Inbox. With Chili Inbox, you have access to team-wide email history on any account. Our Account Intelligence feature lets you quickly access every email exchange with a particular account, all from inside your inbox. This makes it easy to approach every email with the context you need. 

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About Chili Piper

Founded in 2016, Chili Piper is on a mission to make meetings and email more automated and collaborative for businesses. 

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Chili Piper focuses on automating the antiquated processes in scheduling and email that cause unnecessary friction and drop-off in the sales process – resulting in increased productivity and conversion rates throughout the funnel. 

Unlike the traditional method of inbound lead management, Chili Piper uses smart rules to qualify and distribute leads to the right reps in real-time. Their software also allows companies to automate lead handoff from SDR to AE and book meetings from marketing campaigns and live events. With their sites set next on email, Chili Piper recently announced Chili Inbox, a collaborative inbox for revenue teams.

Companies like Square, Twilio, QuickBooks Intuit, Spotify, and Forrester use Chili Piper to create an amazing experience for their leads, and in return, convert double the amount of leads into held meetings.

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