Chirpify: Add Conversions to Your Social Media Monitoring

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Chirpify enables marketers to activate triggers that allow consumers to participate with a brand from any channel in social media. You can activate triggers on behaviors to get social media users to buy, enter a promotion, gain access to exclusive content, etc. Here’s an example:

When a user uses the specific hashtag to opt into a marketing message, Chirpify responds back immediately on behalf of the brand. They collect data (whatever the brand wants to know, age, email, favorite color) in-stream with a mobile friendly form and integrate that social handle + data info directly into the brands CRM system.


It’s a great way to build a full customer profile and learn what fans are interested in what promotions on each channel. The direct response platform works on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Here’s another great example:

Spalding Entertainment, is using Chirpify for in-venue promotions. At the Rascal Flatts & Jason Aldean Summer Concerts, concert-goers see the Chirpify Actiontags up on the Jumbotron, with a call to action: Enter for a Seat Upgrade! Tweet #Enter #BurnItDownTour.

Chirpify’s platform listens for those #actiontags, and responds to each person (on behalf of the artist) with a message and link to enter the contest. That link opens our mobile conversion form where we collect their email address (along with their Twitter handle). The winner is chosen and notified right before the main act starts – and they (and a friend) are invited down to a VIP seating area.

Chirpify has also integrated analytics to provide clients with the results:


We work with clients on both a per-campaign and an ongoing basis. Typically, brands or their agencies approach us with a marketing initiative they would like to use Chirpify to activate – and we work with them to configure the platform for their specific needs.

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