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trust-agents.png“Now I know why you want to hate me!”, chanted Chris (ala Limp Bizkit) at one point in a panel discussion. The question was referring to what brings out the haters in the social media world. The fact is that, as online personas build their own brand and develop their own voice and expertise in the industries… some folks will hate them for it. I doubt anyone actually hates Chris Brogan… but if they did it's because of his great talent.

Chris Brogan Rocked BlogIndiana.

Chris had a fantastic slide deck and personable presentation – including fantastic wacky pop culture references (including Fergy!), interaction with the crowd (berating us for only having a couple runners in the room!), and a polished presentation. There's an incredible talent that I see in speakers like Chris that I see in Malcolm Gladwell, Seth Godin and others… the ability to take a very difficult and complex issue and explain it simply.

Brogan did this with his continuum of modern branding and how social media fits, from Awareness to Extended Action. Read through on the post for details, here's my synopsis:

  1. Awareness – Utilization of effective marketing to introduce you, your product, or your service.
  2. Attention – Utilization of social mediums to provide people with a means to participate.
  3. Engagement – Sustained interaction between you and your community.
  4. Execution – The conversion… the download, the registration, the purchase, etc.
  5. Extension – The opportunity after the execution to promote the event and the results.

Chris did the ingenious and difficult work here of defining the process, so I'll just add my 2 cents. (I hate doing this… makes me sound like I'm just piggybacking… I guess I am!) In order to turn this from a continuum to a cycle, I would add Analysis.


I think Analysis is key… both at the beginning and the end of the process so that the business can jumpstart the process with a lot more horsepower – as well as refine and improve the process each time. Measurement of results is essential so businesses understand where to optimize their limited resources for the maximum impact.

Not having read Chris' and Julian's book yet – I'm looking forward to picking it up and seeing how development and measurement of the strategy plays into the continuum.


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    Very very kind of you to say, Doug. I had a heck of a time, and was grateful to have you in the room, as one of the local superstars. I hope it was useful, and I look forward to seeing you again soon. : )

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    Hey Doug, I agree that adding Analysis is an important step, but I think you have placed it in the wrong spot. I would do Analysis after Execution and before Extension, since Extension is really a starting point, not an ending point.

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      I'm with you, Tim. I actually struggled not to insert analysis in between every step! I'm a total geek about measuring and monitoring. Most of us are so busy on executing that we don't often take the time.

      It was really great spending time with you this week, Tim! If you'd like to do a guest blog post – please reach out!


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