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Cinegif: Design Cinemagraphs and Animated Gifs

While video isn’t played by modern email clients, you can still capture your audience’s attention with animated gifs. A well-designed animated gif can increase your email click-through rates by double digits and they look fantastic on your average website without driving away visitors. Visitors aren’t used to seeing a subtle movement in an image in or around content in the browser unless they’re clicking a play button.

cinemagraph cinegif

The question for designers is how does someone go about making them? You can absolutely utilize a tool like Photoshop and generate the animation by pulling frames from a video… but that can take quite a bit of work. That’s where Cinegif comes in – a platform specifically built for creating animated gifs.

The only limitation to the Cinegif platform (which I hope they change) is they only allow dimensions up to 600 pixels wide and 600 pixels tall.

As for the web, animated gifs can be used in Social Media on Twitter and Google+ (but not Facebook… booo). Google+ even allows it for events and cover photos. Animated gifs also work in PowerPoint and Keynote… spice up your next presentation. And as MMS becomes more mainstream, animated gifs can also be sent via iOS and Android text messages!

You can also purchase stock Cinegifs.

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