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It’s not often that an opportunity comes like this – a chance to win $250,000 and work with a company like Cisco to make your idea become a reality!

Before you read on, we could use your support. Though our application has made it to the Finals, we’re looking pretty light on votes. If voting is still open, we’d appreciate if you would register and vote for us:

  1. Register for Cisco’s I-Prize Web Site
  2. Login and click “Promote” on The SaaS POS idea.

What is the I-Prize?

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I’ve been working in the Restaurant industry long enough now to realize that one of the major issues Restaurateurs deal with is the ability to find and adopt technologies easily and inexpensively. Truth be told, the industry is antiquated… Point of Sales systems will cost more than 10% of a companies startup costs and the capabilities of the systems are severely limited.

The company I currently work for has been a leader in integrating Online Ordering with POS systems. It’s an incredible challenge, though. POS systems are, at minimum, a decade behind in technology and fully unprepared for ecommerce via the web. Instead of opening up their systems to online integration, POS companies are now requiring additional license costs with unreliable and incomplete features, causing a real headache for companies like me as well as the restaurateur.

While Office applications, Email Applications and Customer Relationship Management systems have moved to Software as a Service, POS systems have not been and it’s a prime opportunity now that more companies are taking the plunge in adopting hosted solutions. With that in mind, I posted my idea on Cisco’s website, the SaaS POS. The idea is to take the current POS software and run it from the Internet rather than from the POS hardware.

The advantages are many – integration with Online Ordering becomes seamless. As well, new opportunities arise, like payroll, banking, email marketing integration, mobile integration, even product supplies (running out of salmon produces an alert asking the manager to order more. He approves and the order is sent electronically).

Cisco has really provided us with an incredible opportunity here and I’d love to see the idea come to fruition. I don’t believe there’s a more suitable company to help develop and introduce an idea like this to the market. The network infrastructure required, the security, the thin client technology… these are all strengths of Cisco!

Keep an eye on Cisco I-Prize’s Blog for additional details.

And don’t forget to promote our idea!!! The team consists of myself, Bill Dawson, Carla Ybarra-Dawson and Jason Carr.


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      Thanks so much for your support, Shawn! I think we’ve got a realistic application with tons of opportunity to change the landscape. We didn’t seem to get a lot of attention outside of the judges, though, so I’m trying to drum up some votes.

      We appreciate yours!

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    I’ve spent the last 10 minutes trying to create an account on that site and vote for you. Once I got past the crazy requirements for the password, I kept getting ASP error screens when I’d try to submit.

    I’ll try again later and hopefully can get in! Sorry!

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    I too think the idea is excellent. Intuit did this with accounting software a couple of years ago and it is a great tool for restaurants.

    Unfortunately, I don’t think you are the first to promote such a concept. I know of a couple of companies working on the concept right now. I will, however, vote for you. The power and resources of Cisco far exceed all of the POS restaurant systems combined!

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      Mike – you’re right-on, a local data store would be a must in the event that connectivity went down. AIR was actually the inspiration on deciding whether or not this was plausible. AIR would definitely do the trick, but if Cisco developed a thin client, that would probably work just as well!

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