US Government Intrusion Returning in CISPA


Theirrrrr baaaack… if there's one thing that a government never fails at, it's slowly infringing on the freedoms of their people. Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) is the next iteration of SOPA. Unfortunately, this bill doesn't have the unilateral objection of everyone, though.

The reason why some companies like Facebook may view this bill with less objection is that there's actually something in it for them. According to the Electronic Frontier Foundation:

These cybersecurity bills would give companies a free pass to monitor and collect communications, including huge amounts of personal data like your text messages and emails. Companies could ship that data wholesale to the government or anyone else provided they claim it was for “cybersecurity purposes.

In my opinion, that's what makes this bill even more devious than SOPA. When SOPA went public, everyone hated it and companies united with consumers to stop it. The resulting threat to virtual halt the Internet made the government retreat. This time, though, the lobbyists educated themselves and rewrote the verbiage to entice corporations and split the objections. Consumers are going to have a much rougher time trying to stop this bill… or the next… or the next. The powers that be will not stop.

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