Clearmob: Increase Facebook Campaign Performance in Real-Time with AI


Clearmob focuses on bid optimization for Facebook and Instagram advertising. Their algorithm reviews your Facebook campaign data in real-time and provides recommendations that significantly increase profit with one click. You can choose the metrics you want to boost and see exactly how their recommendations can help you achieve your goals.

Together, we’ve developed algorithms that learn how to generate dynamic pricing models for your campaigns and provide data-driven insights paired with personalized recommendations for maximizing your performance. At the push of a button, you can turn insight into action right within the platform itself.

Sophia Li, Our Philosophy

Clearmob Features

  • Algorithms that learn: The more you use it, the more Clearmob helps you benefit by understanding the unique and specific trends in your data.
  • Dynamic pricing models: With Clearmob, you’ll only pay for the value you get from perfect placements based on live bidding trends.
  • Recommendations for maximizing performance: Whenever you log in, you get a full breakdown of your data with guidance on how to capitalize on dynamic pricing opportunities.
  • Turn insight into action: If you agree with a recommendation, you can make the change with just one click — no time-consuming settings and switches required.

With almost no effort, our sales went up by 30% thanks to Clearmob.

Andrew Jiang, CEO Sentio

The platform is simple:

  1. Connect your Facebook account
  2. Clearmob analyzes your data and looks for opportunities
  3. Apply recommendations with one click

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