Click-to-Call Has Become Critical to Local Search Advertising Success

Click to Call

Click-to-call allows potential customers to phone your business in one click from search engine results. Customers still love to call businesses and click-to-call makes it easier than ever for them to do that. Global click-to-call revenue was $7.41 billion in 2016 and this is expected to rise to $13.7 billion by 2020

In fact, 61% of mobile users say click-to-call is most valuable in the purchase phase. Make sure your business is ready. This infographic from Messages On Hold, The Click-to-Call Opportunity: Why the Phone Call is Back in Vogue, details how click-to-call has become a critical element in paid search marketing efforts.

The infographic also points out that it's not just a feature of paid search advertisements, it's also a feature that should be implemented on every single website where businesses or consumers may reach you by phone.

It's also not just a mobile feature. As desktops integrate with your mobile device or have mobile calling applications on them, these links work as well. Skype, for example, will launch and dial if I click on a linked phone number on my Mac.

If you're not sure how, I've written a post on how to hyperlink a phone number. Put it on high on your list of site optimization improvements you need to make today!

Click to Call

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