ClickMeter: Campaign Link Tracking, Affiliate Tracking, and Conversion Tracking

ClickMeter Link Tracking

Tracking link activity is often, unfortunately, an afterthought when companies are developing campaigns, monitoring affiliate link tracking, or measuring conversions. The lack of discipline in developing and tracking links can cause a plethora of issues downstream that make it virtually impossible to measure performance across mediums and channels.

How ClickMeter Works

ClickMeter is a centralized platform with an associated API that enables companies, agencies, advertisers, and publishers to build processes around implementing and measuring their link click-through rates. Some of the key functionality that they can accommodate include affiliate tracking, conversion tracking, tracking pixel creation, short URL parameters, Google URL shortener integration, Bitly enterprise shortener integration, IP geo-targeting, branded link management, and link rotation.

Link Redirects, Tracks, Monitoring, and Collaboration

ClickMeter has more than 100 incredible features:

  • Redirects – features for redirection include targeted redirection by country, language, device type, and user type. Redirects can also be random, sequential, weight, first click, max clicks, countdown clicks, password protection, time-scheduled, SSL and non-SSL, dynamic, IP rotation, search-engine friendly, URL parameters, link cloaking, URL encryption, page titling, referral wiping, anonymized referrers, first-level or subdomains, link tagging, link cloning, and bulk link imports or creation.
  • Link Tracking – links can be tracked by timestamp, IP address, country, region, city, organization, language, browser type, platform type, mobile, visitor type, unique/non-unique, source, custom parameters, keywords, and more.
  • Conversion Tracking – conversions can be tracked by the funnel segment, configurable cookies, multiple conversions, product IDs, custom parameters, conversion value, commission value, SSL or non-SSL, A/B tests, UE privacy, IP exclusion, link spam blocking, and Google Analytics UTM campaign URLs.
  • Link Analysis – dashboard KPIs, trend reports, campaign reports, pixel reports, conversion comparisons, click-streams, mapped clicks, periodicity, browsers, cities, nations, ISPs, parameters, sources, keywords, IP addresses, conversion rates, tags, languages, currency and more.
  • Link Reporting – Excel exports (CSV), report shortcuts, email and audio notifications, customizable reports (logo, timezone, currency, and language).
  • Link Collaboration – private sharing, public sharing, sharing via email, sub-accounts management, and auto-login links.
  • Link Integration – with Adwords, affiliate networks, Google Analytics, Backpage, Chrome, Firefox, Megaphone, Rebrandly, Retargeting, Remarketing, Safari, Shopify, and WordPress.
  • Development – full-featured API endpoints, detailed documentation, sandbox environment, multiple API keys, and consulting available.

How ClickMeter Delivers Value

ClickMeter - Redirect, Track, Monitor, and Collaborate on Links

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