Clicky Web Analytics does it Again!

Clicky Web AnalyticsClicky Web Analytics has pulled through with another great feature!

This is a web analytics package that is fast becoming the nicest package I’ve seen – especially for bloggers and web publishers. The dashboard has ever critical metric handy – all from a single page.

Here’s the New Dashboard:

Clicky Web Analytics Dashboard


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      I have, Steve. I’m not shocked though. As a Product Manager, I see this reaction every time when we ‘improve’ a product or release a new feature. The fact is, folks don’t like change. Even if it’s progressive.

      Here’s the interesting note: the changes did not remove any functionality! It simply added more!

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    Has anybody else noticed different data being returned by Clicky vs. Google Analytics in side by side testing? We have a client’s website on which Clicky was recently installed and it is showing data that is quite different than Google. For example, on one day Google showed 18 unique visitors, and Clicky showed 48 on the same day, and this isn’t a one-time occurrence. Since it is much more likely that one analytics package would not report data than that another would create artificial data, I have to assume Clicky has the correct data but I can’t figure out why the difference exists.

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      Josh, what about the other numbers, such as visits and actions, do those match up closer? Our unique visitors are calculated by IP address right now. While it is possible to make it more accurate with cookies and what not, as some other apps do, there is no surefire way to get it 100% right. (Some users disable cookies, etc).

      I believe in the quality of my product, but if anything I’d wager that Google’s numbers are more accurate than ours. They have tens of thousands of servers running Analytics, distributed all across the world. Whereas we are just a small company with about 10 servers, all in one location within the US. It’s hard to compete with that, without billions in the bank.

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