Clicky launches Google Gadget

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know I’m a big fan of Clicky Web Analytics. It’s simply a fantastic, light-weight, no-nonsense Web Analytics program that is great for blogging. I loved it so much that I even wrote the WordPress plugin for it!

Now comes the iGoogle Clicky Dashboard by Scott Falkingham from Curious Concept:
iGoogle Clicky Dashboard

Take all the functionality of Clicky and put it in a nice Gadget! Wow! You need not have to use the Google Gadget on your iGoogle page, either. Google Gadgets can be placed anywhere with a neat little script tag. I liked the Gadget so much that I updated the WordPress plugin and sent it off to Sean! Hopefully, he’ll release the new Admin plugin with the Gadget embedded!

To get the Gadget, go to sign up with Clicky. You can download the Gadget at Google and the WordPress plugin at the Goodies page.


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    I love the clicky, I have recently added it to my blog and I really like the user interface and metrics it uses. I like it a lot more then Google Analytics, I think mostly because of the way it presents the information over the way Google Analytics does.

    I still have both on my site in case I change my mind or Google improves the metrics and I want comparative data.

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      I think that’s what I like best as well, Dustin! I also keep Google Analytics around – I do like the graphing capabilities – especially the ability to do comparative analysis on specific time periods. The flash-based graphing is quite intuitive.

      One of the things that Clicky does that blows GA out of the water is the ability to track the downloads. Since I often put up examples on my site, it’s a great feature for me to watch!

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    I am a BIG FAN of clicky. I’d love it more if somehow popular posts could be generated from clicky to be displayed on the site – inheriting css.
    I ain’t a coder, but I’d love if someone could do this *hint hint*

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