Clicky WordPress Plugin with Admin Released

Clicky is a pretty sweet analytics application that makes a whole lot more sense to the basic user than any of the big boys out there. I think the small market is a huge niche and Clicky should own it soon – it’s got a smooth interface, great graphics, and the information it displays is perfect for the average blogger.

Clicky Logo

A while back, Clicky released a WordPress Plugin to embed Clicky into WordPress. Sean made a note on his Goodie Page that he didn’t know too much about WordPress and would have liked to have built a page to administer the application from within the WordPress Admin interface, but he didn’t know how at the time. I was really impressed with the work that had already been done on Clicky so I dropped them a line to see if I could assist. The answer was ‘sure’!

Within a few hours that weekend, I built a nice admin page that had all the features needed. Sean dressed it up and styled it (nicely) more to Clicky and has released it today! It’s not often that you get an opportunity to help out like this – but I really would like to see an application like Clicky get adopted mainstream. That’s what open source collaboration is all about, isn’t it?!

Get yourself a Clicky Web Analytics account and then download the Clicky WordPress Plugin.


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    I had a few reliability problems with getclicky a few months back but they seemed to have sorted all of this out and now back using it. In fact I signed up for their ‘blog’ package that for $19 a year gives you full detailed stats for 3 blogs which I think is a bargain.

    I shall certainly try out the plugin.

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