Filter Out Your Social Noise with Cloze

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If your inbox is as terrifying as mine, you find that key messages simply seem to fade away as the onslaught of new messages hit. I have come to terms with the fact that my social and email network has become unmanageable and I look forward to great tools that help me to filter and identify the connections that are most important to me and my business.

Friend and client Jascha Kaykas-Wolff filled me in about Cloze several months ago and I’ve been using it ever since. If not every day, at minimum each week.

Cloze Features

  • Manage multiple email accounts and unify all your contacts from Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other email providers like Microsoft Exchange in one place
  • Records every communication across your email and social feeds
  • Easily search your history for a tweet, share, comment, post or email in seconds
  • Automatically adds contacts, conversations and related people as you interact with each new person
  • Creates a unified inbox for all your email accounts and social networks—prioritized by your most important contacts
  • Shifts time so you can work on your schedule and never miss an opportunity to connect or an important tweet
  • Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn news reader curated by your top relationships
  • Get notified of important updates like job changes from your connections on LinkedIn with daily Cloze email alerts
  • Automatically archives every connection and relationship you make through email, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook

Plain and simple, Cloze provides me with a daily, unified view of the activity of key contacts within my network. It’s enabled me to go back and view their social activity, ensure that I respond to key emails, and more effectively manage the onslaught.

Cloze Screenshot

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