Putting Your CMO in Charge of Marketing Technology Pays Off!

marketing technology

A new study by the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council and Tealium shows that business and marketing performance improvements are directly related to having a formal roadmap for managing digital marketing technologies and integrating the data produced from multiplying customer touchpoints.

Entitled Quantify How Well You Unify, the new report explores the degree to which chief marketers are architecting digital marketing technology strategies and unifying and extracting value from multiplying customer data sources. Among the high points, the study revealed:

  • 42% of CMOs who own their marketing technology strategy have greater business impact than those who delegate.
  • Those CMOs with a formal marketing technology strategy contribute more to overall revenue and value creation.
  • Half of CMOs with a formal marketing technology strategy are able to achieve more targeted, efficient and relevant customer engagements.
  • 39% of CMOs with a formal marketing technology strategy achieve greater return and accountability of marketing spend.
  • 30% of CMOs who manage and integrate technology extremely well or pretty well are seeing tangible business value, with 51 percent of those achieving greater revenue contributions.


The full report is available to download today for $99. A complimentary executive summary can be sourced as well.