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The marketing world has abundantly changed with the age of digital resources and social media. With the deluge of solutions available today, resources for professionals to assert more influence are at an all-time high. Many tools offer resources and services for business, but the one thing they do not offer is a system that helps you find your customers the moment they indicate a need.

Cobia Systems has developed a system geared to change the game of how businesses reach customers. Upon signing up, your business will receive an attractive landing page, and will be listed in their directory as well as Google Places.

Cobia Systems Social Monitoring

Directly on the front page of your dashboard, business owners are given the tools to assess their network’s conversations, including potential customers the instant they seek help. Their system is dependent on information from the expert – the business owner – to target phrases relevant to their business. After keywords have been inputted, this sets the Cobia System in gear for the full-marketing framework.

Imagine a customer tweeting about how slow a line is in your place of business, and then being able to respond immediately with a coupon and apology to help with their inconvenience. Wouldn’t the possibilities open up for your business?

A car dealership can identify one of the most popular terms on social media, I want a car, with a response catered to the customer based on their demographics – this is personal engagement tailored to your target audience. Having control over what people say about you and your business is at the heart of reputation management, which their system encourages through outreach by simply replying to a user’s post.

Cobia Systems - Twitter Toyota Example

Cobia Systems Article Syndication

An integral part of communicating with your customers is by maintaining up-to-date conversational topics. Cobia’s article syndication feature was built with your time in mind by searching the web for the most relevant stories based upon your relevant keywords.

As an automated addition to your company’s original content, these articles will queue in for your custom filtering, and will then post on your Facebook or Twitter wall within six hours. Activity on these popularly trending articles, screened by you, will then be seen by your customer’s network, organically increasingly the reach of your company.

Advertising and brand recognition are decisive factors in attracting new business and in keeping current clients. Persistence begets results, especially when customers know that there is a deal involved. Advertising both attracts new customers as well as recapturing old clients.

Cobia Systems Campaigns

With Cobia Systems‘ campaign feature, your customers will never miss a beat from your company. Within their framework, you can create full-scale marketing campaigns including a description and call-to-action such as a promotional code. You will be in control your campaign’s duration and who receives your blast to the most specific distance. At Cobia, their users have experienced a 100% to 3,400% increase in followers to their business pages using their campaigns feature.

Cobia Systems offers you the tools to think creatively, streamlines your daily marketing tasks into one platform, and gives you unlimited targeted results to improve your outreach. Why should your customers search for you? You should be finding them. Devan Sharma – CEO and Founder of Cobia Systems

Professionals in the marketing industry will monitor what people say about your brand on the digital market as well as to watch trends and changes in competition in order to make sure your brand stays up to date and meets all customer service issues. Advertising will allow you to reach into your brand and pull current needs of clients into your day-to-day market strategy for sales. Your creativity and tools to control your online reputation is needed to circumvent the stale and monotonous content in an ever-growing bombardment of advertising campaigns.

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