CoffeeSender: Send a Starbucks Gift Card with One Click

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Besides my ulcer, who doesn't love Starbucks? We've written before that sometimes it's the little things you do that have the most impact. Since you can't turn around in most communities without seeing a Starbucks, and Starbucks is fairly synonymous with business meetings, it seems only logical that you should have an app integrated with your CRM where you can kick off a $5 Starbucks® eGift Card via email.

CoffeeSender is an app that allows you to send Starbucks coffee to customers, prospects or partners directly within Salesforce and other platforms. This isn't just a button, though! CoffeeSender allows you to upload a CSV, automatically include sending a gift card via campaign, or just manually sending when you or your team feels like it.


You can also customize the email template that provides the Starbucks Gift Card:

Coffee Sender Email Template

And, of course, the redemption code is mobile optimized!


CoffeeSender isn't just integrated with Salesforce, they've also got integrations with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle Sales Cloud, Marketo, Hubspot, Influitive, Act-On, Pardot, Goto Meeting, Google Calender, Outlook, SurveyMonkey, LinkedIn, Gmail, Slack, Taleo and Zendesk. Don't see your integration? They've got a REST API to add it to your own platform.

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