Measuring Customer Engagement Real-Time via Voice Behavior Analytics

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We just wrote about the importance of response times and the opportunity for your sales or customer service team to respond… and discussed the quality of their response as well. What if you could actually measure the impact of your conversations with your customers? It's possible with Cogito Dialog.

Cogito Dialog improves customer service agent performance by presenting them with real-time behavioral guidance. The Cogito Engagement Score provides an objective and reliable measure of quality on 100% of selected phone interactions a company has with its customers.

Imagine being able to sense frustration or satisfaction in real-time as you're speaking to a prospect or customer! This is the promise of behavioral analytics like Cogito. Cogito’s behavioral analytics technology stemmed from research via the MIT Media Lab and they've been proven effective through a number of commercial deployments.

  • Human Voice – Big data analytics applied through proprietary algorithms empower streaming analysis of voice signals
  • Real-Time – A user-friendly experience that guides the representative to dynamically adjust their style to align with the customer’s preference
  • Scoring – Cogito Engagement Scores™ provide management with a clear objective measure of agent performance and interaction success
  • Predictive – Insights extracted from each interaction inform what each customer and representative is likely to do next
  • Results  – Cloud based, intuitive to use and seamless integration with existing CRM and telephony systems accelerates time to value

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Cogito provides real-time behavioral guidance to customer service representatives, enabling them to improve their communication style, while building a more trusting relationship with their customers. Cogito software delivers instant and objective insights into customers’ levels of engagement for every phone-based interaction. This empowers phone professionals to deliver a more engaging and caring customer experience, which ultimately improves both quality of service and sales performance.

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