Colts: Superbowl Champs! Careerbuilder: Losers!

UPDATE: I was wrong on this, sorry Careerbuilder!

There's already a lot of posts about the Superbowl. My only 2 cents is that it really was a much better game than we've seen in a long time. I'm glad the Colts won! An organization with class, dignity, and led by an black Christian coach. It's a great message to everyone on what it takes to succeed.

The other winner of the Superbowl was Careerbuilder… IMO, they had the best Superbowl commercials. However, in its regularly seen idiocy, the (newspaper) company has opted out of viral marketing and won't let people embed their commercials on other sites. They just simply do not get it. Boneheads. Click the videos and you'll see what I mean.

Whomever made the decision to stop this from going viral should be fired. Take the most watched television show in the world, add your fantastic commercials, and then don't let people share and talk about them. Losers.

View the commercials here:


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    If corporations really want to make consumers happy, they should forego costly Super Bowl ads and instead invest in a Chief Customer Officer, a single person of power charged with putting him or herself in the customers? mind.

    But instead they spend their time and money making sure their ad is funny and entertaining, which doesn?t mean it sells more products. A good marketer surprises consumers by giving them new ideas on how and why to use a particular product. Ads developed by typical people or starring famous celebrities may get laughs, but are unlikely to generate sales. For every dollar you spend you should be seeing a dollar back and I sincerely doubt that these companies are generating an additional $2.6 million due to these Super Bowl ads.

    Marketers need to stop thinking that marketing HAS to be creative. It HAS to sell goods and services. Sometimes the least creative marketing is the most effective.

    Mark Stevens
    CEO of MSCO

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    There is a ‘genre’ that is expected of Superbowl Ads, though. Comedy is definitely an expectation. As well, comedy does assist in branding… you remember the funny ads more than the serious ones. My point on this post is simply that Careerbuilder invested the money, made a couple of hits, and then threw it all out by not letting viral marketing take over. It’s a shame.

    I am in agreement that the money could be much better spent. I think Superbowl Ads are definitely gambles… GoDaddy gambled last year and won. This year I’d be willing to bet that the ads won’t have the desired impact. A Superbowl ad may get folks to you – but only you can keep them. A little more investment and creativity on the ‘keeping’ side of the equation would have a far better return!

    Thanks for both reading and commenting!

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    Well at least they posted on YouTube. So they don’t let you embed the whole video, but how much worse is what they did? You still posted the video.

    I’m sure the management logic behind it was that this way they might be able to see the comments in one central place.

    I can’t think of why else you’d post it to YouTube, let people link to it, but force people to go back to YouTube to watch.

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      Hi Paul,

      I’m not sure what their reasoning was. There actually was no embed code on their site whatsoever… I attempted to hack the embed string and got what you see above. It’s simply too bad – they are defeating the purpose of YouTube and Social Networking.


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