Ooops! Comments are back.

I was doing a little plumbing on my site – I'm growing very weary of the incredible volume of comment spam that I'm getting. For the most part, Akismet does a great job at breaking it out, but there has to be another answer. I started toying with some javascript that would dynamically generate a hidden field value that is posted and validates the comment, but instead, I broke my comments and my blog has been strangely silent.

Thanks to Julie for raising the issue with me!


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    Hey Doug,

    Glad to see I’m not the only one that is going crazy about spam comments – I think I barely survived the last wave that hit…

    I’m quite excited to see you tackling this issue, simply because you might be able to understand what is happening on the back end. What do all these other anti-spam things actually do? I’ve got one of those dumb “add these two numbers” which in theory should work brilliantly, however, a ton of spam still makes it in – how the heck does that happen?! In theory, if you are required to add two numbers correctly to verify you are human, those comments should be showing, and there should be nothing to moderate, right?

    One of the best pieces I’ve installed was an IP Ban plugin. I can dig into the SQL side of things, haul out the spam IPs, and then manually add them in to be banned. Works great (would be nice if it would get it’s own IPs and add them), and appears to block a hideous amount of attempts at delivering more.

    I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

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    Yeah! I can comment you. I’m embarrassed that I have a ton of posts for my own blog that you always link to……and I haven’t posted them. Note to self: work on that tonight!

    Can’t wait to see you at Web Camp next week!


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