CommonCraft on Social Media Comes Up Short

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If you’ve not seen CommonCraft “In Plain English” videos, I’ve written about them in the past here and showed off many of them. Lee Lefever and team have a simple means of explaining issues that are sometimes quite difficult to represent graphically. In this presentation, CommonCraft attempts to explain Social Media.

There are quite a few omissions from this presentation that I believe are critical to social media when it comes to businesses and how they can interact with consumers. This presentation speaks largely to social media sites being a referral network, but there is so much more:

  • Social media, especially with regard to corporate blogging, provides a medium for content to be efficiently and effectively identified, indexed, and presented by search engines.
  • Social media enables individuals to naturally group, organize, find and communicate with one another effectively. It’s also a fantastic medium for making people and ideas findable as well as enabling viral marketing.
  • Social media incorporates important underlying technologies for integration, aggregation, syndication and promotion of people, products, services and companies. It’s a platform that enables communication as its never been enabled before.
  • Social media will enable people and companies to closely monitor their reputation and authority.
  • Social media isn’t always as positive and nice as the video, either. There are losers. A negative criticism of a company (perhaps one of the ice cream shops is scrimping on it’s scoop size) will travel like wildfire, having severe repercussions for companies that aren’t up to snuff.

There’s much more to social media than the story that’s told by CommonCraft. This video was published in May of 2008… I’m looking forward to future CommonCraft videos on the topic. It’s hard to criticize a group that does such a fantastic job, but I needed to share some criticism… after all, Social Media has provided me a platform to do so!

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    What I find fascinating is that every day I’m involved in this space, I find something new and different that falls under the “What Is Social Media” column. There are certain things that I don’t think will ever change but I’ve yet to see the comprehensive definition, completely with benefits and risks, that so many companies are itching for. It just moves too darn fast.

    Love your additions. Looking forward to more.

    Amber Naslund, Radian6

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