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This week, I was invited to speak at Smartups (Smarter Marketing + Startups) by its founder, Tim Flint. Tim is a local analytics guru. My conversation was on optimization and I spoke about it specifically around analytics… but also how optimization has impacted my business efforts as well.

One area that I touched on was the dichotomy of needing numbers to attract, but then ignoring chasing the numbers and optimizing the following you have. Specific to Martech Zone, our growth exploded when we stopped chasing SEO tweaks and the latest link-bait strategies and – instead – focused on providing value to our customers. That value was writing more and providing richer content.


Managing your Twitter community requires the tools and reporting to identify users you wish to connect with, listen to users looking for the products and services you supply, ignore or unfollow the spammers and the inactive accounts, and publish the best content possible to attract, retain and convert the greatest followers. This is what hopes to provide its users through its platform. Offers the Following Features

  • Multiple Twitter Profiles – Manage multiple Twitter profiles easily from a single dashboard.
  • Team Members – Invite your team members to manage your community.
  • Insights – Identify who to follow, thank and respond.
  • Monitoring – Measure your social media efforts, know what’s working. Don’t miss important mentions.
  • Influential Marketing – Focus on your top influencers and supporters, don’t miss their engagements, follow them.
  • Manage Twitter Lists – build an engaged community using Twitter lists. Divide lists into custom categories.

Utilizing tools like, you can better manage the incredible following you can instead of chasing more. The problem with the funnel theory is that people believe the bottom of the funnel is static. For example, if you get a 2% conversion rate, you just need to get more visitors to increase your sales. We’ve found this isn’t the case at all… you should be working on converting the followers you have.

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