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Communication and Visibility

We utilize GotoMeeting just about every single day at work to speak with our clients. Pretty cool actually seeing one of our clients and sponsors, Mindjet, starring in a GotoMeeting video! The video speaks to the alignment. Whether you’re designing a mind map or reviewing a project plan… visibility is key. Mind maps visualize ideas, processes and connections to make them easy to understand.

Gotomeeting, of course, does the same with the ability now to communicate audibly, visually (including actual webcam video), and by application bringing people from across the planet or across the company in the same room. While it’s a commercial advertisement, the message that my good friend and colleague Jascha Kaykas-Wolff brings, is essential.

If you’d like to hear more from Jascha – be sure to listen to our interview:

Listen to our Interview with Jascha!

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Help or Hype: Is Marketing Automation the Answer?

Help or Hype: Is Marketing Automation the Answer?

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