Why Should Your Company Pay for Managed DNS?

domain name server management

While you manage the registration of a domain at a domain registrar, it’s not a great idea to actually manage where and how your domain resolves with the domain registrar. DNS management (setting up A and CNAME records for your website, MX records for your email, and other records) is a secondary service to DNS providers that they typically overcharge for without any redundancy or global distribution. They often have a single point of failure as well.

Case in point, about a year ago my domain registrar, migrated records and wiped out my DNS settings. I was paying an additional $5 per month per domain and had dozens of domains managed by them. I was paying hundreds of dollars per month just to manage these advanced records with the registrar. Each time that I tried to repair the migrated records, I had to wait for hours to see whether or not the changes I made resolved because the domain registrar didn’t have a robust system.

I asked my social network who they recommended for DNS management and someone recommended DNS Made Easy (sorry that I can’t remember who!). I updated the nameservers on my domain registrar to the nameservers at DNS Made Easy and within minutes, all of my DNS pointers were resolving, and my sites and email were back up.

Key features of DNS Made Easy:

  • Enterprise quality DNS – their network is globally distributed, fault tolerant, and capacity-driven with over 500 systems, 6 Tier 1 IP transit providers, and 15 points of presence in the Internet’s most well-connected data facilities. A supreme advantage in speed and reliability.
  • Amazing uptime – Like your sites to stay online? So do we. DNS Made Easy began over ten years ago with the mission of building an enterprise DNS infrastructure that is the most redundant and scalable in the world. Mission accomplished.
  • Great pricing – Their Small Business package is only $29.95 per YEAR and supports up to 10 domains. DNS Made Easy invests more cents per dollar into their network infrastructure than any other provider in the industry.
  • Speed – Speed is critical and impacts both your search optimization and conversion optimization. DNS Made Easy is performing incredibly well against their peers in the industry.


There aren’t too many times that you can both save money and increase the redundancy, speed and reliability of your online properties – but that’s exactly what we did. Just do a search of DNS outage and see how many companies have had issues with their DNS reliability. Save yourself the headache, and the money and put manage your DNS with DNS Made Easy.

Note: The link provided in this post is our affiliate link.

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