Does Your Company Story Have These 5 Essentials?

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I love design, but I’m a terrible designer. I love development, but I’m quite the hack. And I write daily on Martech Zone and I’ve authored Corporate Blogging For Dummies, but I don’t classify myself as a writer. But I recognize great design, I am blown away by great development, and I love great writing. We just launched a new corporate site for DK New Media, so this advice from Thinkshift was perfect timing on how we could share our company’s story. We followed their advice!

Don’t have dramatic beginnings? Don’t worry. The trick is building an engaging narrative that pulls people through to the end. Five essential ingredients will get you there. Our storytelling map walks you through them and illustrates them in action with our story about New Resource Bank’s founding, vision and mission.

The five essential elements to a great company story are to provide your unique value proposition, inspire your audience, include your accomplishments, share your challenges, add your vision!



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