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Compass: Sales Enablement Tools To Sell Pay Per Click Marketing Services

In the digital marketing world, sales enablement tools are essential for agencies to provide employees with the resources needed to pitch client products effectively. Unsurprisingly, these types of services are in high demand. When designed and utilized properly, they can provide digital advertising agencies with the necessary tools to deliver high-quality, relevant content to prospective buyers. 

Sales enablement tools are crucial for helping agencies manage and streamline the sales cycle. Without them, it’s easy to get lost in the massive amount of information regarding the current market and the best ways to approach and reach buyers. Implementing one of these aggregation and productivity tools is the best way to enhance your marketing and sales teams’ efforts — removing the intense labor and room for error that comes with collecting this information independently. When an agency uses the right platform for sales enablement, it allows for a plethora of benefits such as: 

  • Saving Time: An all-in-one tool collects and presents the necessary information to effectively inform marketing and sales teams by utilizing the right keywords and highly targeted landing pages. Agencies can make as much money or more money in half the time it would usually take to collect and analyze this data the traditional way. 
  • Increased Confidence: When a sales team knows exactly what resources they have available at their fingertips, it is much easier to close deals faster and more efficiently — inspiring confidence with every approach. 
  • Increased ROIs: Sales enablement platforms create a more focused and driven sales dynamic that can increase a team’s ability to close sales and convert leads, ultimately resulting in an increase in overall revenue. 

However, not all sales enablement programs are designed equally — a collective surplus of information is simply not enough to fully equip sales professionals. An effective sales enablement tool provides teams with the necessary resources for success and propels productivity with team insights that drive improved performance. 

That’s why we have developed White Shark Media’s Compass platform, our very own in-house sales enablement tool. Our platform not only provides up-to-date information on relevant trends in the industry and tools to help empower sales teams but it is designed explicitly for pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, where other platforms tend to lean towards more generic ad efforts. Compass is designed to reduce errors, increase profits and support each stage of the PPC sales cycle. 

Compass By White Shark Media

White Shark Media Compass

Through Compass, agencies have a myriad of tools at their disposals, including: 

PPC Audit Engine

Audits are an essential facet of many industries used to assess and evaluate performance. Specifically, when it comes to PPC, audits allow digital marketers access to information that can help improve the efficacy of Google Ads or Microsoft Campaigns, which in turn also helps sales teams pitch these campaigns more effectively. We have developed our audit engine to generate audits coupled with recommendations for specific Google and Microsoft ad campaigns. The reports are easy to access, download and share in PDF format.

Proposals Generator

Through the Compass proposal engine, companies no longer have to rely on human capacity alone to create effective documents that incorporate the necessary data. The Compass platform generates white labeled proposals that include keyword recommendations, competitor data, ad previews, and more. These documents will help teams present compounded data to support and defend innovative strategies and optimizations to clients.

Sales Consultations

If users ever get stuck during a part of the sales process, they have the option to meet for a 2-hour consultation with White Shark’s dedicated Strategic Account Managers. During this consultation, Compass experts will walk the team through pipeline reviews, proposal walkthroughs, pitch growth strategies, and more.

Sales Courses

There is always room for improvement in an agency’s workstream, no matter what industry it specializes in. As the marketing world continues to evolve, it is more important than ever to stay updated on best practices. Through White Shark’s online academy, users of the Compass platform have access to PPC and sales that can be taken and accessed whenever the need arises. 

Collateral Library

There is so much information and resources available that it can be challenging to determine which ones will actually benefit a company or brand. Through our Collateral Library, users have access to up-to-date, verified information regarding vertical trends, playbooks, pitch decks, one-pagers, videos, and more. Through Compass, everything an agency needs to improve its communications about Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and search engine optimization (SEO) products is right at its fingertips.

As sales enablement platforms become increasingly popular in the industry, companies run the risk of investing in tools that might not offer meaningful impacts. It’s essential for agencies to do their research and due diligence to pick a platform that works best for their teams. Once that is accomplished, agencies will be on their way to producing better results in a shorter time, allowing for more time spent on the things that matter — investing in clients. 

Daniel Alvarado

Daniel Alvarado is a digital marketing expert and the VP of Technology at White Shark Media. He is responsible for spearheading a team of world-class developers behind White Shark Media’s Compass, an All-in-One Sales Enablement platform for Agencies looking to scale their Pay-per-Click portfolio. Daniel has over 8 years of experience working in the marketing technology industry. He has provided support both from a marketing strategy and a software development standpoint across various roles, including Digital Advertising Manager, Software Architect, and VP of Tech. With an extensive background in technology, Daniel helps organizations use technology to create meaningful experiences, simplify complex tasks and generate value for their clients.

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