Resign from Compendium Blogware?

white blogware logo150Yes, I would. I actually did resign from Compendium Blogware. Sounds ominous, doesn't it? Resignation typically has a negative connotation – but not in this case!

Some folks might think Chris Baggott, Ali Sales and I are absolutely nuts… why would Compendium let me go? Why would I leave a company that's doubling its size year after year? I love Compendium and they love me… why would it make sense for me to resign?

The answer is one of focus and opportunity.

Although I'm leaving employment with Compendium – I'm not leaving Compendium Blogware. In fact, Compendium is the first client of DK New Media, LLC – my new agency. I'm also a shareholder in Compendium – having been engaged with the company since its inception. I'm going to continue to ensure Compendium is successful, continue to nag Chris and Ali for features and enhancements :). I'm also launching my own agency under Compendium… more on that later.

Key to my successful transition from Compendium is that clients are absolutely provided the best attention and knowledge is transferred. I'm working closely with our client communications, client success and sales teams to ensure that this happens – and will be hands on through December.

First – let's talk about focus.

Compendium is a technology company, not a services company. Their ability to grow has been achieved by not taking their eye off the ball, not getting side-tracked from their core goal of being the best enterprise corporate blogging platform (and truly the only enterprise corporate blogging platform). Chris, Ali and I want that focus to continue.

The platform and infrastructure – thanks to the vision of Blake Matheny and his team – is better than any other that I've ever seen. The company is in a position to massively scale, without all the heartburn and pain you hear about at other technology companies. It's time to massively grow the number of customers that want to take advantage of the platform and leverage organic content for inbound marketing strategies.

Next is the Opportunity

Blogging and organic search is one piece of a much larger puzzle. Blogging, combined with other strategies – social media, search engine marketing, email marketing, customer service, internal communications, thought leadership, brand, ecommerce… exponentially increases the power of the medium and the overall online marketing strategy. Compendium Blogware clients are asking for help beyond the technology – and I want to help them.

I've been working with companies for the last decade helping with this strategy, on my own and with companies like Gannett, ExactTarget, Patronpath and CompendiumWebtrends, The Indianapolis Colts, Carhartt, Home Depot,, Icelandair, Tirerack, Cvent, RotoRooter, Eli Lilly, BlueLock, Lifeline Data Centers, … the list goes on and on.

Chris, Ali and I recognized this months ago. The opportunity for DK New Media to be a new arm for Compendium clients and other companies to assist clients to maximize their investment in blogging, social media, search, email, etc. is growing. I'm working closely with Ali at Compendium to develop packages for clients, from Social Media Integration, Call-To-Action Design and monitoring programs, Blog Design and integration, Annual Strategic Consulting, etc.

Doug Theis from Lifeline Data Centers likened me to a “CMO for Hire”. I like that, and my knowledge of technology expands on it considerably. My relationships with other professionals provides me, not just with the knowledge, but with the resources to ensure I can also help companies develop the solutions they need as well. I don't want to be your typical consultant – walking in and telling you what you probably already know. I want to be your partner that is also capable of executing on the strategy and developing the actual solution.

I've been meeting and created informal partnerships with Roundpeg for Public Relations, Evereffect for Paid Search, 4 Dogs Design for Branding and Design, Doug Vann for Drupal, Squish for Joomla, Brandswag for Social Media Education, Noobie for Technology and Small Business Education, Tuitive Group for Usability, BitWise Solutions for Solutions, Connective Mobile for Mobile Marketing, ProBlogService for Content Strategies, Kristian Andersen for corporate marketing strategies, Walker Information for Customer Loyalty strategies, online form builderFormstack … the list goes on!

These are folks I've worked with and grown to intimately trust over the last decade. They execute for clients and are the best in their league. Does that mean I won't support your company as well? Of course not! I want to grow your business and you can help me to grow mine. DK New Media, LLC. will launch August 1, 2009! Stay tuned!


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    Oh no! You can't leave Compendium! Who am I going to beat up on for making vague, wishy-washy marketing claims about the technical capacities of the product now?

    Just kidding. In all seriousness, congratulations on taking the plunge, Doug. I look forward to poking at your latest venture (even if only to help you make it better.) But I'm AM sure we'll continue to see great things from you in the future. Best of luck—I'm looking forward to seeing what DK New Media has to bring to Indianapolis and the world at large!

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      The fact that Compendium uses its own application to drive inbound marketing strategies… combined with the growth of the company… isn't vague or wishy-washy Robby! No SEO company can 'guarantee' results – neither can any platform! It's how folks leverage the platform that matters – and that's where I can help them.

      Thanks Robby! I appreciate the support and always appreciate having someone who cares enough to take the time and challenge me from time to time. Even when you're mostly wrong! (kidding).

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    Congrats on your new venture! Need anymore help? I would love to learn more about this market and work for a company that's willing to take risks and stay on top of the latest technologies.

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    Great post doug! As you are seeing, there is a huge unmet need helping organizations of all sizes target ROI through social media. You have a unique ability to teach companies how they can be good members of society and make more money. Win Win 🙂

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      There aren't too many leaders out there that would encourage their employees like this. I'm really thankful to you for all the support over the years. Looking forward to much more success in the future!


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    Congrats on making the leap, Doug. Your business model is very progressive and one that I hear more and more people talking about, as well.

    Your secret sauce is your ability to add value to everything you touch, so I have no doubt you'll continue to do so in a more direct manner with your own business.

    Kudos to you.


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    Wonderful news, Doug. Congrats and best wishes on the new venture. Looking forward to watching things develop.

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    doug, it is all starting to make sense to me now. leave it to google to help me put the pieces together. thanks for introducing me to compendium. i'm crazy about it. just wish i could figure out a way to afford it for my website!

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