Compendium Launches Enterprise Editorial Calendar

compendium calendar

If you're a large enterprise with many writers, juggling all the content, deadlines and promotion can be a difficult process to manage. Compendium launched an editorial calendar quite a while ago but has significantly enhanced it with some great enterprise features:

  • compendium calendar socialSocial Media Integration – All of your social media promotions are now displayed on the calendar for easy review and scheduling. If there’s too much noise, you can simply hide the promotions at any time.
  • Author Visibility – All of your authors now have access to the calendar and the daily themes. They can’t make any changes or edits to the schedule, but we hope this visibility improves communication of the overall editorial strategy within your team.
  • Daily Themes – Guide your authors and plan your editorial strategy by assigning a topic or theme to each day. Themes can be set to reoccur on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • compendium calendar drag dropDrag & Drop Rescheduling – Spot a gap in your content schedule? Drag an unscheduled post from the sidebar into the open spot on your calendar. You can reschedule social promotions, too.
  • Calendar Export & Sharing – Calendars for both posts and social promotions can be exported and shared to external calendars such as Google Calendar, iCal or Outlook Calendar. These calendar sharing URLs can also be given to co-workers and employees for improved visibility into your content marketing operations.
  • Filtering & Improved Design – We’ve made significant improvements to the design of the calendar, including the addition of content status and social network filters. Getting a visual overview of your editorial schedule has never been easier.

Compendium is a content marketing platform that helps organizations capture and create original content in a branded hub for distribution to any marketing channel. Disclosure: I own shares in Compendium, worked there and helped start the company.

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