Compendium Releases Email to Post

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When I worked at Compendium (a company I helped start and have shares in), businesses were always looking for content to post. Every business has a ton of content… sometimes the place to look for it isn’t so obvious, though. One unique place I’ve always recommended is their sent folder.

Your employees are answering tons of questions for prospects and clients alike… all day. Chances are that if one prospect or client is looking for an answer to the question, there are probably tens, hundreds or even thousands more folks out there looking for the same response. If you’re taking the time to craft a message carefully via email… why not repurpose the response for a blog post?

email to post

Compendium has taken the idea a step further, allowing bloggers to simply write an email or forward one directly to their platform. Once there, the user can login, touch it up, or submit it directly to an administrator for publishing. Chris and his team at Compendium are doing a great job… staying true to Chris’ new outlook on what Compendium will do… take content from anywhere to anywhere.

I’ll be stopping by Compendium for a long overdue visit tomorrow! I’ll be getting a sneak peek at some of the ideas flowing for upcoming evolutions of the platform. Great to see the fire in their belly!

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