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Our next Martech Zone video is with folks that I know and love – Compendium. Oh yea, I also have shares in the content management and publishing company.

Since I have shares I don't like to talk about them too much, but recently they've really been doing some great work. Here's the latest in our video series on Marketing Technology companies.

Chris and Compendium's motto of content from anywhere, to anywhere is spot on. Developing a system where your customer service representative can respond to an email, and then that email can be leveraged in a blog post (after routing through an approval and editorial process) is fantastic. Max is right on – companies are producing millions of dollars of content daily and simply not leveraging it.

Compendium continues to innovate down this road and is providing an infrastructure that can support the largest of organizations. It's a simple solution to a very difficult problem. Congratulations to Frank Dale – Compendium's new President. After spending some time with Frank the last few weeks, he's really got his finger on the pulse of where the industry is going as well as the needs of companies for leveraging content… from anywhere, to anywhere!

Thanks to the team at 12 Stars Media for another great production! If you're a remote company and would like to be spotlighted on our video series – contact us. If you cover the production expenses (very affordable) and you've put some great material together – we'll publish it!


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    Just some technical comments: It is best to have the speaker talk on-axis with the camera; in this video the second camera angle is totally off, showing only the profile of the speaker. Ideally, Camera one should be just over the shoulder of the interviewer, having a medium- to close shot of the main subject. The main shot is o.k., though not optimal, as it shows both people in profile, and thus should only be used as a cutaway – next time I’d move the camera a bit more towards the interviewer, thus favoring the interviewee. The opening was nice with the interviewer turning towards camera.
    The microphones are not placed optimally, thus giving a bit too much attention to the room.
    But great that you are doing videos like that, thanks!

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      gnurx, your technical comments are great. Thanks for sharing! Our Team Members are always working to improve the quality of our videos and appreciate the feedback. Hope you can join us again next month for another video spotlight.

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