Compendium Software

This weekend I’ve been working on the logo and business/requirements plan for Compendium Software, a company that Chris Baggott and I started for Social Media Optimization software. This is an exciting time. We’ve got some attention from VC firms, and have a great product vision… all we need is the time! Both of us work full-time so it’s a challenge to get done.

Yesterday I built the logo for the company. Hope you like it!

Update: I’m proud to announce that Compendium was purchased by Oracle.


  1. 1

    I smell a rat. A big fat stinky AIM3 rat to be precise. My Google search came up pretty dirty; I’d suggest another name for your company. I’d also run. Away. Run away fast if AIM3 is indeed your colleague. You seem to be a person of integrity and morals. He’s not. And SMO is right up his big fat stinky alley. If it’s not AIM3…sorry to be blasting your colleague.

  2. 2

    It’s a bit too colourful for my taste, plus the graphic remind me more of a DNA string, rather than social media…
    The link on “information” goes straight to your blog; but I guess that this link is just a place holder…
    I must say that I love the old Mac OS9 logo – great combination of human touch, computer, and friendlyness/interaction. Maybe something like that?
    That said, this is only one opinion. is a source of inspiration.

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