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Over 6 billion people have access to mobile phones. Such consumers are hungry for content, providing marketers with a great opportunity to engage them by delivering relevant content. Most marketers deliver mobile content through apps. Apps are resilient, always available and always up to date. It allows marketers to deliver focus content specific to the need.

However, creating good mobile apps that engage the targeted audience is easier said than done.

  1. While the threshold for creating mobile apps is low, most ready made app development solutions generate cookie-cutter apps that are both static and uninspiring. Creating rich apps that stand out require considerable skill.
  2. The app development industry is fragmented. Developing platform agnostic apps is still not that easy.
  3. Mobile apps and websites have different requirements and capabilities compared to native apps. Marketers need to understand such unique requirements and cater to the same.

Como (previously Conduit) offers a suite of mobile app building tools. Marketers may create dynamic apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Web apps using HTML5 using such tools. It works easy. The marketer simply has to take the required website, plug it into the Como engine and it will create the app automatically.

Here’s how to get started with Como:


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    I used Conduit to build apps for my clients and it was nothing but bugs & empty promises. Stay away. I can’t even begin to go over how frustrating their support and product is. Literally felt scammed after joining their reseller program and then never getting another email responded to after that.

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    conduit is horrible! what a waste of time. i spent hours designing my app then upgraded my plan like they said. they took my money i sent from payal and even though i chose to pay monthly, they added reoccurring payment option automatically without my consent. i realized this immediately because they are not to be trusted. when i cancelled the reoccurring payment in my paypal back office, they cancelled my upgrade and locked my app. then, rather than fixing the problem, they sent me excuses. now i am disputing the transaction in paypal. i dont want to do business with them anymore and they turn me off to mobile applications all together. good job! conduit should do everyone a favor and find another line of work. its important for me to spread the word to everyone about how they do business and treat their customers so i will be taking the same amount of time i worked on my mobile app (24 hours) and posting this to every blog i can find. please like and share so we can stop this behavior.

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