How the Connected Enterprise Will Create a $47B Identity Security Market

In the last year, the average data breach cost companies a total of $3.5M, which is 15% more than the previous year. As a result, CIOs are searching for ways to keep their corporate data protected while minimizing productivity loss for employees. Ping Identity presents the facts about the identity security market and offers solutions for how companies can enable secure access in the infographic below.

Data breaches have a hugely negatively effect on customer sentiment toward brands; one security slip can destroy a company’s reputation. Cloud security, like Next Gen Identity, allows companies to enable secure access to any application from any device, anywhere. Because of its effectiveness, Next Gen Identity security is expected to skyrocket 7X in 2014. It is predicted to grow from $6B where it is now, to $47B by 2017. Keep your data safe and your customers happy with a decentralized cloud network, rather than the firewall.

Ping Identity Connected Enterprise

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