Constellation: Benchmark Your Social Advertising Performance

constellation scorecard

Quantifi, a social media ad experimentation platform, has launched the Constellation Scorecard, a free tool that creates a custom report detailing your social ad performance across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Constellation Scorecard uses machine learning to sift through thousands of anonymous data points collected across digital ad campaigns from all industries to point out specific issues and personalized recommendations for optimizing your social ad spend.

With Constellation Scorecard, you can:

  • Compare performance of social ads across the Facebook and Instagram advertising platforms.
  • Receive insights into key metrics like cost per thousand (CPM) and cost per click (CPC) in clear, easy-to-follow charts
  • Get a detailed picture of your past performance compared to all the other ads in our anonymous data co-op

Here are some Sample Reports from the Scorecard:

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